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The Humorous Side of Spirit Guides

The even lighter side of Spirituality

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The Humorous side of spirit guides

Spirit guides are often depicted as solemn and profound figures who impart important guidance and wisdom to us. We often expect our spirit guides to be serious and somber, but have you ever considered that they might also possess a humorous side? You just might be pleasantly surprised when they reveal some of these whimsical and witty characteristics you never thought beforehand to be possible.

For example, have you ever received guidance from your spirit guides that seemed a bit cryptic or even nonsensical at first? Perhaps they sent you a message in the form of a strange dream or a random symbol that left you scratching your head. While these messages may seem confusing or even frustrating at first, they often have a deeper meaning that can only be understood over time and as you reflect on these messages, you may even find that they contain a subtle humor that can be rather amusing.

I had always thought that my spirit guides communicated with me in cryptic ways, but some of their initial responses had me questioning their legitimacy. I once asked how I could live a happier life, they kept showing me visions of cheese - Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, feta cheese, and so on. While I do love cheese, I wasn't sure I could trust this advice to change my life for the better. However, one day while out with having a wonderful time with friends, someone suggested taking a picture and said, "say cheese!" With that, I gave a big smile, and in my head, a bell went off - "ding, ding" - my spirit guides were giving me a nudge, telling me that if I smile more often, I will be happier. Okay, okay, well played spirit guides, I give you props for that one!

From my experience, I’ve come to realize spirit guides have a unique way of helping us see things from a different perspective, and often they use humor to do so. They have a knack for using humor to help us see things in a way that we may not have considered before. By helping us to lighten up and not take ourselves too seriously, spirit guides can help shift our perspective and see a situation in a new light.

In addition to their sense of humor, spirit guides have the ability to communicate with us in unexpected ways. They may use a song on the radio, a sign on the side of the road, or even a funny meme on social media to get our attention and deliver a message. These messages can be both humorous and profound at the same time, and often leave us feeling uplifted, inspired or at least highly amused, wouldn't you agree?

In the end, the humorous side of spirit guides and their guidance reminds us that spirituality doesn't always have to be serious and somber. It can be lighthearted, playful, and even downright silly at times. By embracing this aspect of our spiritual journey, we can learn to not take ourselves too seriously and find joy and laughter in the midst of life's challenges. So, let's embrace the funny and unexpected messages from our spirit guides and see where their sense of humor takes us on our spiritual path.

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Answer from my spirit guides

Do you have any humorous or unexpected messages from your spirit guides that have helped you on your spiritual journey?

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