Akashic Records Readings

The Akashic Records are recorded vibrations, essentially memories, of the collective consciousness along with individual souls' energetic footprints from their origin throughout their journey of lifetimes. The Akashic Records hold the past, present, and future possibilities, yet are always changing and expanding as we, ourselves, grow and evolve as souls.

Akashic Records readings are, for me, best looked at as a form of guidance given from a Higher Source. They are a place of depth, of awareness, of understanding. Since I have started doing these types of readings most people have turned to me to help predict their future, and although the reading may be able to give some insight into that, it is not generally their main purpose. For me, what I have seen, the readings are best used to find the blockages you have in your life or to see your life’s path more clearly, whether it’s with a relationship, a job or a money issue, etc. The Akashic Records is a place of learning for those who wish to reconnect with an understanding of who they truly are.
You may be wondering what the reading is like for the reader? The best way for me to describe it is like being present in a dream. The way they show me the answers are usually visually, sometimes auditory and can be often quite symbolic. Whatever I see or hear, I will go on to describe to you. I have learned that a lot of the information I have received for others will make no sense to me, however it will make a great deal of sense to them. You can either choose a mini reading that focuses on one question or a longer reading that can address several of your questions.

To best prepare, meditate on your questions beforehand. The better the question, the better the answer.
Please note,  the best questions are formed using the words: ‘What’ ‘How’ or ‘Why.’ Unfortunately, ‘When’ isn’t very easy to determine, although I can always try. 
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In addition, if you want to know about another person, it has to be in connection to you. I cannot tell you everything that is going on in their life (there are some ethical boundaries put in place here), but the reading can show you the situation in a clearer way, especially in a way that can help you learn how to support this person or change or improve your relationship with him or her. I will give you some example questions below to help you. And of course, if you are having any trouble wording it, I can help you with that, too. If you would like to give me some extra information about your situation, you can, sometimes more details are helpful, but not always necessary. Your choice.
© Spirit Explorations. Akashic Record Readings are for informational purposes only. They are in no way intended to address specific treatments, diagnosis for any health-related or legal matter. What you choose to do with the information received is solely your choice and responsibility.