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Life Beyond Lives Sessions

Have you ever wondered what happens to us when we die? Research has shown that after death, there is a period of time where our spirit has the opportunity to meet their loved ones, guides, and even have a life review and plan the next one. 

Life Between Lives (LBL) is a type of spiritual hypnotherapy that aims to help individuals explore the spiritual realm of the afterlife. This concept is based on the belief that every individual has lived multiple lives and that there is a spiritual realm between each of these lives, where souls rest, review their experiences, and plan their next incarnation.

LBL is different from Past Life Regression as it provides a deeper understanding of not just our past experiences but the reasons behind them, the lessons we had to learn and our purpose. It can allow us to access the spiritual realm and connect with our higher self or spirit guides. In this state, individuals are able to learn about their soul's journey and purpose, and receive answers to questions about their life, spirituality and gain insights into their past, present and possible future selves. 

Furthermore, this modality can help in various situations including resolving past traumas, developing spiritual insight and gifts, reconciling with death, reconnecting with your soulmates, and much more.

LBL sessions require a deeper trance state, so it is recommended to have had a previous hypnosis session, preferably a past life regression, before. Best of all, this form of hypnotherapy can work for everyone, independently of their beliefs. You can choose to see the experiences as teaching metaphors or actual past experiences, in whichever way you choose to experience it, you will still undoubtedly gain many benefits and insights.

You might be wondering if you'll experience death during an LBL session. You will be shown a relevant past life, including the time of death, but there is no need to worry, you are always safe and in control in any type of hypnosis session and can choose to feel detached from the experience if you at any point feel it becomes too much. 

Karmic lessons also come to the forefront during Past Life Regressions and Life Beyond Lives sessions, showing the relationship between our current situations and those from previous lives. Keep an open mind and practice non-judgement, as we have all had good and bad characteristics throughout many lifetimes, and understanding the relationship between past actions and reactions can help decode and explain our present and bring us into a great understanding and compassion towards humanity and enlightened us further to our (soul)selves.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your purpose,

your past lives and what exists in the spiritual realms beyond!


Book your Life Beyond Lives (LBL) hypnotherapy session today!

To learn more about Life Beyond Lives Hypnotherapy you can also read my blog post about it by clicking here.

All services provided by Spirit Explorations are complementary to the healing art services, they are in no way intended to address, diagnosis or treat any health-related matter. Hypnotherapy sessions, including Life Beyond Lives  sessions, are not psychotherapy but a therapeutic alternative to use in addition to health regimes prescribed by healthcare professionals. All information communicated by or for the client during a session is strictly confidential. 
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