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     Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki brings together two very powerful energies: Kundalini, as known as "primal" energy, combined with Reiki which
is referred to as "Universal energy."  
Everything in the Universe is created from energy and is in a state of constant vibration. All of us vibrate, energy continuously flows through us, every aspect of our body, mind and soul have a distinct vibrational frequency that can fluctuate or be altered.  The higher the vibrational frequency the more harmonious and healthier the person is. When the vibrational frequency falls too low this causes a person's state of wellness to be affected.
Spirit Explorations Kundalini Reiki
Kundalini Reiki is a healing modality that pulls universal energy down to bring those vibrational frequencies back into alignment and helps restore balance. It also promotes a regular flow of energy through the body that cleanses and opens chakras along the way. On a physical level, it can accelerate the body's natural healing process and reduce pain; on a more emotional and spiritual level it promotes emotional and mental clarity to unresolved issues, including past lives and even karmic bonds to certain locations. 

The Reiki sessions offered last about 60 minutes, with 45 minutes of actual treatment time, leaving some time for discussion both before and after the healing. In the session, the client will remain fully clothed and will have the choice to either lie down or be seated comfortably with their eyes closed. The Reiki Practitioner will then place their hands on the client's shoulders, head and knees during the treatment to run the energy throughout the length of the body.

It is recommended to have a minimum of 3 sessions to bring about a more complete healing and optimally clear and rebalance the chakras and energy field. 

Sessions can be in person or remotely.
Disclaimer: Reiki is a simple, gentle, hands-on energy technique that is used for pain management, stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. All information communicated by or for the client during a session is strictly confidential. 
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