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Should you have an Akashic Record Reading?

The Akashic Records is like a database of all the Universal energetic imprints that co-exist together, having every thought, action, and idea from the past, present, and even possible future(s). There are many benefits of having an Akashic Records reading and I am here to share some of them with you. Drumroll, please!

One of the BEST reasons to have an Akashic Record reading is so you can get to know yourself better. You can discover who you WERE, you who ARE and who you can BECOME.

If you are feeling stuck, anxious, or depressed, an Akashic Record reading can help clarify some uncertainties and bring more awareness into your life in order to assist you to move forward.

Sometimes people do not know or are hesitant about what to do next in life and having an Akashic Record reading can help you feel into what steps to take next. It can help you with ideas or thoughts to take action on and/or let go of what is no longer serving your highest good.

You can find some answers about your health and why some particular health-related issues are affecting you. Or perhaps you are looking to find some understanding about your wealth and why you may have problems with money. Some people are more abundant than others, and the Akashic Records can help you access those reasons.

You can also delve deeper into the life lessons that unfold before you, and if needed, you can be guided on how to let go of old patterns, stories, and perceptions about yourself. You can be encouraged to step into your true strength and inner power and you may even (re)discover or strengthen your talents, gifts, and abilities along the way.

But for many, the best reason to have an Akashic Record reading is to help you to align with your soul, purpose, or Higher Self. You can receive information from a higher perspective on your current possibilities and what is blocking you from taking responsibility for your life and aligning with yourself. Exploring the records helps you to discover your overall life purpose(s), finding out what your soul strives to achieve from life and this information can greatly help you in your evolution.

Through having a reading you can also (re)learn what you had forgotten during death or reincarnation. You can create new soulful experiences in your daily life by receiving information from the Akashic Records. It will influence you to be more present in yourself and your path to evolve here on earth.

Nevertheless, with this said, please remember the idea here is not to get caught in what comes up in a reading. Have patience even if sometimes after the reading nothing makes sense. Be in touch with yourself and trust that you will know what to do with the information given to you, even if sometimes it takes some time. Trust yourself & the divine process - guidance is there for you if you are open and ready to receive it.

Interested in booking your own Akashic Record reading? Click the button below to book your own Akashic Record reading.

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