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Exploring Life Beyond Lives Hypnosis

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

The Power of Hypnosis

If you have ever experienced hypnosis, you know how powerful it can be and how quickly it can help you change your mindset. In just a few sessions you can have the results you have been pushing for and trying to accomplish for years. Limiting beliefs are quickly transformed into empowering ones and undermining patterns are broken, giving space for a new life to manifest.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool with the capacity to literally change your life, and the reason why it’s so effective is because it bypasses the conscious mind, going directly to the subconscious, the part of the mind that runs our thoughts and behaviors from behind the scenes.

The subconscious mind works like a database that keeps a record of every single thought, feeling and perception you have ever had in your life. Every time you encounter a situation, the mind will scan the subconscious for your past reactions in similar situations. Once these reactions are detected, they are presented to the conscious mind for immediate use. This whole process is automatic, you don’t really have time to think of reacting in a different way. You just blindly react based on the information your subconscious mind has provided, which is based on all your past reactions, and then wonder why you keep having the same problems in life. We keep relieving the same problems because we can only see the same old solutions.

The good news is that when you detect a limitation or a pattern that is no longer serving your best interests, you can use hypnosis to introduce new options in the subconscious mind, so the next time you come across that same situation, you will react differently from the usual pattern.

This sounds awesome, right? But this is only the top of the iceberg, there is so much more to say about hypnotherapy.

Depending on the cause and origin of the problem or issue, hypnotherapy will have a different approach to promote healing and positive change. When discussing your situation with a hypnotherapist, you may find that your problem goes beyond the present moment. It’s very common for the session to take you back to your childhood, perhaps even a distant memory or an episode you completely had forgotten altogether. Although this happened in the past, the memory is still stored in the subconscious part of the mind, which can easily be accessed bringing the memory back up for processing.

In some situations, the problem goes beyond the early years, and it may be even rooted in a past life!

Past Life Regression

To access a past life you must go deeper, beyond the subconscious mind, right up to the superconscious. And this is something hypnotherapy can assist you with.

Just like the subconscious mind has records of everything you have ever experienced in your life, in your current physical body, the superconscious mind has records of everything that has ever happened to you during your multiple lives, in many different physical bodies.

Past Life Regression can be very effective when the current problems originated in a past life. By accessing the memory, you can usually process it and understand the reasons for your current situation. You can see the roles you played, the relationships you had and how situations and behaviors marked you and still affect your current life. By bringing this understanding into the present, many traumas can be healed and understood, and choices can be made having the bigger picture in mind. But sometimes just the recollection of the memory is not enough, you need to understand even deeper. This is where Life Beyond Lives Hypnotherapy (LBL) can really serve you.

Past Life Regression vs. Life Beyond Lives (LBL)

A Life Between Lives hypnotherapy session is very different from a Past Life Regression as it accesses a completely different state of existence.

Research has shown that when death occurs reincarnation does not happen immediately. There is a period of time where the spirit has the opportunity to meet their guides, their loved ones and even have a life review and a planning of the next one.

In a Past Life Regression you are shown significant episodes, situations and experiences that may have left imprints of trauma, but you can be left with questions regarding what motivated all those experiences in the first place. Were they part of a bigger picture, a purpose or a plan? What was expected of you?

When you move into the space in between lives you have the opportunity to have your questions answered. You can communicate with your spirit guides and gain more insights about not only the past life you were just shown, but the current one as well and even beyond. You have the chance to transcend time and connect with your Higher Self and have firsthand guidance and insights into your past, present and future.

When you access the time in between two lives, you have access to what happened behind the scenes. You can experience a life review, the reasons behind the decisions you made and even the spiritual lessons you had to learn, all these can be understood on a much deeper level.

Is Life Beyond Lives (LBL) Hypnotherapy right for me?

LBL sessions are not as widely spoken or known about as Past Life Regression, mainly because people are not aware of this modality and its benefits. Life Beyond Lives has many applications and can help in a number of circumstances. Here is a short list of its main indications for you to see if it’s right for you:

- You tried a number of other therapies and although you have seen some relief of the

symptoms, they are still causing problems

- You have a strong feeling that your condition is rooted in a past life

- You are looking to develop your spiritual insight or connect or work with your spirit


- You want to develop your spiritual gifts

- You want to understand your purpose

- You want to reconcile with death

- You have questions about your soulmate

- You are at a crossroads or can’t seem to move forward

- You have long life conflicts with people close to you

- You have very strong phobias, fears or obsessions

- You have recurring dreams you cannot understand

- You would like to understand more about your chronic illness or pain

These are only a few indications, LBL can bring answers and relief on so many more fronts.

LBL sessions require a deeper trance state, so it is recommended to have had a previous hypnosis session before, preferably a past life regression. This will lead to feeling more familiar and at ease with the hypnosis process as a whole and assist in achieving greater awareness, connection, realizations and results.

What if I don’t believe in re-incarnation?

You might be thinking that you’re not sure if re-incarnation is real, how can you go through such a session if you’re not sure exactly what you believe in? The good news is that Life Beyond Lives Hypnosis can work for everyone, independently of their beliefs. You can choose to see what is being shown to you as teaching metaphors your subconscious mind is bringing to your attention to help you heal, instead of looking at it as an actual past experience. This way, whatever your beliefs are, whatever way you choose to look at the experience, you can gain many benefits and insights from such a session.

Will I experience death?

The Life Beyond Lives is usually accessed through a past life. The past life that is most relevant to your current situation is presented showing any pertinent information. The time of death is then shown so that you can experience the entry in the spiritual world. It’s worth mentioning that although it may seem frightening to be presented with a previous death, there is nothing to fear. When you recall an experience in a past life you will feel a sense of detachment, you’ll know it was you, but there is a sense of separation.

If the events were traumatic, you may be shown the scene from afar or you may be given the details of the situation and shown the immediate moment after the passing. Remember that death is a relief to the spirit and going through this experience can bring that understanding and ease the fear of death in your current life. Either way, whatever the situation, you can trust that your subconscious mind has a natural protection system in place, and you will never be shown anything you cannot handle. You are always safe.

Karmic Lessons

When looking into past lives the question of Karma arises. The relationship between your current situations and those of previous lives is clearly shown during a Past Life Regression. You can see that you may be bullied in this life by the same person you bullied in a previous life, or you’ve been betrayed by someone you betrayed in the first place. It can be as simple and straight forward as this, or it may have many more ramifications and nuances.

It is important to keep an open mind when wondering into the existences prior to your current one, as we have all been good and bad through many lifetimes. While you will never be shown anything you cannot handle, understanding the relationship between action and reaction can explain the present, where previously there was just confusion or frustration.

Now, in a Life Beyond Lives session you can go beyond the simple understanding of the Karmic lesson, you can overcome it altogether. Karma is only relevant while your conscious mind is unaware, once you understand it and accept it, you are ready to heal it and move on to a different life experience.

While a Past Life Regression can bring up the memory of why your brother hates you so much and you can come back understanding that it’s because of something you’ve done in the past, in an LBL session you can be given the tools and the opportunity to heal the situation, neutralizing the Karmic lesson altogether. Your spirit guides or Higher Self can assist you with this during and after the session.

So that instead of accepting the consequences and continue to live with the problem, it can be completely healed. Now, I’m not saying this happens in every single session and with everyone as we are all unique with individual life paths and experiences, but it is a big part of why these sessions can be so powerful and insightful.

What happens after the session?

After an LBL session your view of your life’s conditions tends to change. You gain a deeper understanding about your own part in creating your life’s current circumstances and the tendency to blame others for your misfortunes tends to disappear. By understanding the reasons behind the situations, you may feel empowered to make different choices, be more compassionate towards others and learn to take responsibility for your own life. You tend to stop taking life so seriously and personally, you may find yourself being less worried about what used to trouble you so much and instead take more time to appreciate the little things and the people in your life.

If the intention for the session was purely spiritual development, it is very common for the relationship with your spirit guides to take on a new dimension. You may feel them a lot closer to you, understand the signs, messages and synchronicities a lot easier. Fear of death is usually alleviated after such a session, and the appreciation for the simpler things in life is commonly described.

Life Beyond Lives is a wonderful and very effective modality, it can literally change your life. But you have to come with an open mind, free of pre-conceptions or ideas. Every person has their unique history and background, and although we all like to think we were always good and compassionate, that is never the case. If you accept that you may come across difficult realizations but that they are ultimately being shown to you so that your life can improve and move into the next level, you leave yourself open to healing and positive transformation.

Life Beyond Lives sessions available online & in person!


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