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Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet: Embracing Your True Path

Coming out of the spiritual closet

Opening up to others about being on a spiritual path can indeed be an awkward and challenging experience. It requires a certain level of vulnerability and courage to share something so personal and deeply meaningful with others, especially when it means deviating from the conventional paths of career and lifestyle. Many people choose to keep their spiritual journey private, fearing judgment or misunderstanding from their loved ones. However, for those who decide to step into the light and openly embrace their spiritual path, the journey becomes even more extraordinary.

When you choose a spiritual career, you not only embark on a path less traveled, but you also commit to a life of service and transformation. It takes immense courage to follow your passion and dedicate yourself to something that may not always be fully understood or accepted by society. The unconventional nature of a spiritual career can create a sense of unease within oneself and in the way others perceive us.

Coming out of the "spiritual closet" and sharing your chosen path with friends and family can be both liberating and daunting. You may worry about how they will perceive you, whether they will view you as eccentric or misguided. It's natural to fear the possibility of judgment or even rejection from those you care about. However, it's essential to remember that your journey is unique and deeply personal. By sharing it, you open up the opportunity for growth, understanding, and connection.

While the initial conversations about your spiritual path may feel uncomfortable, they can also be transformative for both you and your loved ones. By sharing your experiences, insights, and the profound changes you've undergone, you may inspire others to explore their own spiritual journeys. Your authenticity and courage can serve as a catalyst for their own self-discovery and growth.

When I first mustered the courage to share my aspirations of offering Reiki, Past Life Regressions and Akashic Record readings, I anticipated skepticism and dismissal from certain people in my life, fearing that my chosen path would create some sort of divide. However, to my surprise, most of them met me with intrigue, albeit at different paces, and were open to listening to what I had to say.

What surprises me the most is that by opening up and sharing my spiritual experiences, I have forged deeper connections with some individuals. It is through vulnerability that I have gained a greater understanding of those around me. People I never expected to have an affinity for spirituality have revealed their own hidden depths. In these conversations, I have been humbled by the wisdom and insights shared. Taking that initial step to come out of the “spiritual closet” has not only deepened my own spiritual journey but has also enriched many of my relationships.

Of course, there are still those in my life, often strangers, who discount or doubt what I do. Their skepticism lingers, but I have learned not to expend my energy trying to prove them wrong. I respect their right to hold their own opinions and trust that they will discover their own spiritual awakening in due time. In the midst of these encounters, I remind myself to stay true to my path. I know there are people like me out there, and more will come. By continuing on my spiritual journey, I inspire others to do the same.

"When you shine your light, you give others permission to do the same."

⁃ Marianne Williamson

Embracing a spiritual path and sharing it with others requires courage and vulnerability. Although it may initially feel awkward to reveal your journey to friends and family, remember that following your purpose is a remarkable and inspiring undertaking. Those who choose to work in spiritual pursuits deserve admiration for their dedication and selflessness.

Together, we can create a more accepting and understanding world, where individuals are free to express their spiritual selves without fear or judgment.

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