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Spirit Explorations

Find your inner peace and balance.

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A personal wanderer and explorer of the seen and unseen. Spirituality is a journey and we all have our own paths to take and our unique set of footprints to leave behind. ​Find your teachers. Connect with your guides. Keep your balance. There is guidance for all of us if we know where to look.


​Don’t be afraid to explore.




Explore for yourself.

Accelerate your growth and healing. One of the most effective forms of energy therapies providing holistic healing throughout our various energy centers on an emotional, physical and spiritual levels. 

Be gently guided to uncover memories of your past lives. Understand and heal root issues and relationships, rediscover talents, and have a better understanding of your soul's own personal journey.

Channelled guidance from the Akashic Records. Uncover useful insight to your current situations or path ahead. Delve into past lives or discover where your habits or fears originate from and how to best overcome them.

Tap into your inner potential and achieve positive transformation by changing thinking patterns, releasing limited thoughts,

negatively-orientated beliefs, emotions and fears at the subconscious level.   

Path to Purpose

You're invited to my personalized 1:1 program: Path to Purpose


It's a program you'll desire if you want to discover your SOULself,

have transformational experiences and feel empowered to follow your heart.  

Together, we'll explore your infinite possibilities, set your mindset up for success and set you forth to live on living the life YOU choose to create!

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The Gardens

2001 South Barrington Ave,

Los Angeles, California


Radiance Wellness Spa

1207 4th Street

Santa Monica, California


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